We like to keep ahead of industry trends, and wherever possible, we’ll share them here on our news page so you’re in the know. Cruise Lines International Association, or CLIA as they’re known, produce a ‘state of the industry’ report every year where they outline their findings from a number of sources. Here, we’ve taken the trends they’ve shared, coupled with what we already know, and put it together in an easy to understand industry updates post.



Did you know, whilst cruising is a growing holiday type, less than 1% of brits are taking cruises.

Last time CLIA did a count in 2016, only 1.9% of all those who cruised were Brits, compared to 3.5% cruising from the USA. When we look at the fact the UK population at the time was 65.6 Million, only 0.7% had been on a cruise. Why do you think this is? Is that because cruising is still considered a middle-class holiday? Or are the cruise lines’ efforts to banish stereotypes taking a little longer than hoped?


55% of the new ships on order for 2018 will be river vessels

This is all good news for those who like to take river cruises. There were an estimated 18 new river ships in 2017, and there’s due to be another 15 this year. That’s 33 new ships on the world’s waterways over the two-year period. Impressive! This could be down to the rise in the number of Millennials expected to try river cruising, thanks to U by Uniworld; a new cruise concept designed for those aged between 21 and 45.


Cruises to colder destinations are on the up

Are you more about sunbathing than walking on icebergs and glaciers? Me too, but according to the latest CLIA report, more people in 2018 are expected to cruise the likes of Antarctica, the Baltics and Canada. This means there could be a shift in ships re-locating to colder climes year-round.


Cruising looks to be getting healthier

It’s reported that more cruise lines are going to be tailoring trips to the health conscious this year. Look out for more frequent wellness seminars popping up on your daily cruise planners, and more healthy choices at mealtimes. There will always be the midnight buffets for those who try to resist but can’t quite manage it… there’s always the next cruise!


Cruises are getting techier

Do you like to be connected at all times? Are you a self-confessed tech whizz who likes to be ahead of the new apps, whether you’re at home or away? Then there’s great news for you as cruise lines are going to up their anti when it comes to improvements in tech on board.  If you read our recent post on the new MSC ships, you’ll know what we’re talking about. On your next cruise, you could be sporting a bracelet that will enable you to turn your cabin’s lights on before you’re inside, you can track your kids’ whereabouts on board, and even experience virtual reality to help you choose your excursions… fancy!